Edinboro Castle Blood Bowl League feed http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ Blood bowl league RSS feed en-EN http://www.rssboard.org/rss-specification Sat, 21 Oct 2017 01:03:57 -0600 OBBLM 0.9 $Rev: 917 $ Match: Str[Ogre]and[Snot]able (1) vs. Hornswogglers (2) ... adlines headlines headlines ... Polling system under scrutiny after identical turnout, goverment reject result based on suspected tampering ... Speaker requests cabinet take the lead on new parliament ... Teresa makes statement of intent early, forcing shadow minister to resign ... Intense debates over centre ground deflected by opposition whip ... media accountability first casualty if regime to ensure policies break through to public ... At risk of issues being used against them government makes statement of intent at PMQs ... Shadow cabinet forms to try and respond to cabinet plans ... attempts to use human rights to slow shadow policies sidestepped, Teresa embarrassed at PMQs ... public outcry at misuse of human rights delay reopening of parliament ... Opposition entrenches themselves as party if the centre ground ... attempts by Boris and Jeremy to strong arm their way through debates fail ... To end term leader of the opposition takes easy PMQs win ... Obscure law used to extend term ... Attempts to launch social housing fumbled by Amber ... In response she cuts down shadow minister who was briefing against her ... Teresa gets policy off the ground but it crashes and burns in action ... Media concerned that with newfound powrrs Amber will become unaccountable ... Headlines headlines headli ... http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-10-17 14:35:31 Match: Recipe for Disaster (0) vs. Prysmos Knights (2) It is a time when Magic Is more powerful than Science And only those who control the Magic,Control destiny. The Prysmos Knights set forth onto the blood bowl arena to battle the underwhelming Recipe for Disaster. With powers of mind, strength, skill, 'n' speed, and reliance on halfling incompetence combined with the mighty double skulls we had the powers to accomplish the greatest of deeds. Even if the mighty Cindar and Reckon were fumbling around to pick up the ball (oh yes, sure hands you are in need but failed to fulfill the deed , 4 times)and the halfling hopefuls were feeling plucky after a nearly but not failed attempt at a throw for the score. But it comes down to the mighty halfling from the shire (aka pugy), to ultimately start the demise and flavor the bad taste in the mouth, of the recipe for disaster. His thoughts of 1 dice glory against the mightily despised and cowardly Mortred Lickspittle ended in a string of skulls, despite being brave enough to pass the loner test, with his game ended by a power slam of quad 6's to send him reeling back to hobbiton. Pugy was the talisman for a shambolic display of bad dice rolls, re-rolled both downs and double skulls, topped off by a crushing display of brute force, with the pow laden mighty blow train wreck ending the hopefuls dream of their first victory of the season. Now with the Prysmos Knights season in full swing, their Vision of going a full season with only taking the mightiest of knights without a sensible plan for skill progression is becoming a reality. And with the Prysmos fans finally reeling in the blood soaked pitch the money comes pouring in, allowing the knights to patch up that power amour, polish of their dusty magic caps, and continue on with their season, uninjured, unable to pick the ball up, and really for their next opponent. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-10-17 13:57:42 Match: Champions of Chaos (1) vs. New Orc Giants (1) "We are CHAOS we don't play by anyone's rules, hopes, dreams and odds mean nothing for we bring the madness." Champions to revive in the sunshine. Gorth Goatson crumples a blork in his claws killing him, only find him resuscitated. Cuntard Herald of the One moves up field next to troll. Only to get floored. The One heard him calling over and over "My Lord I am here, do with me as you will I am your servant". The mighty Herald laid there chanting for 5 turns until his Lord released him. Unaware his brothers pushed on and up. In turn 6 we suffered an early turn over that almost cost us the score with a 1/9 twice over only to find the troll return the favour in kind. "We are still in this!" Gortookk the Muddy cried. His faith beckoned the old ones and they whispered. "Get this touchdown and we will reward your unshakable will." So push on we did Gortookk will be blessed. The second half the sunshine continues to beat down. The troll moves forward and leaves himself open to 2 dice blitz from Gorth claws but it goes wrong after a 1/9 that sees Gorth removed from the game and the next one. Another beastmen is removed to the KO bin. Cuntard the Herald of One has an opertunity to prove his worth by surfing a blitzer but his One calls out to him. "I am here" he shakes it off and goes in for the hit bringing the blitzer down. The following turn he blocks again getting into contact with the ball carrier. This fearful Orc runs, dodgeing and gfi to get away only to hit the deck. We manage to get some tz around the ball. The Orc thrower try's to dodge and pick and pass to a lone blitzer from a tackle zone. The ball landed next to the troll as he failed the pick up. The wrong side for the Campions. "Cuntard my Herald" Cuntard misses the blitz in a daze. The following turn the Orc thrower scoops up the ball after a dodge and long bombs the ball to the end zone revived by a blitzer that got there after a successful blitz. 3 turns is what we have. We open up a gap but fail the hand off that would have made it very hard for the Jets as I would be out of blitz range. We have 1 player in range and anther that can be surfed into range. Jamie removed the player that was in range. 3 2d blocks needing pushes, either a pick up and hand off or pass a dodge and few gfi. "We are CHAOS even you should not forget it coach". Cuntard blocks and falls with a thud in his opening block. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-10-10 15:35:46 Match: Bluffington High (1) vs. Str[Ogre]and[Snot]able (0) From our studio here on the banks of the Thames, here are your news headlines: Rigged system blamed for another disappointing poll result. External meddling is to blame says spokesman. Government swift reshuffle puts spanner in opposition plans. Despite oppononents employing a big beast of their own the cabinet stands strong in the face of all assaults With a wedge driven between them and the key issues swarming around the fringes of the conference opposition leader forced to put in good performance at PMQs to steady ship. Disarray on the streets as missiles thrown at the police. Economic Stability suffers as a result. Jeremy performs well in initial duties as deputy despite rush to attack him by opposition. Continuing to drive the issues home early attempts to disrupt PMQs ably dispatched Last minute cancellation of PMQs called due to State Pension crisis, failing to provide platform for key government speech. More anger on the streets causes delay in reopening of parliament Jeremey again steps up as deputy for important term despite best efforts of opposition Human Rights and Social Equality being used as 'human shields' claims shadow secretary Confident government drives country forward despite multiple desperate motions from across the aisle Scandal at the last as Jeremy exposed by double expose. Human Rights will be reconsidered claims cabinet after expose of failings at PMQs Bumper tax returns mean loosening if austerity 'soon' promises returning Boris And now the news and weather in your area, goodnight. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-10-10 14:07:34 Match: Prysmos Knights (1) vs. Hornswogglers (1) The official pre match flyers from Swoggler HQ did their trick of attracting a massive crowd. A bevy of Scantily clad Orc maidens were promised to be performing before the game dressed only in Tutu's, spray on red body paint and coconuts to enhance their natural, ahem, assets. Unfortunately their was a massive mix up in the changing rooms to shout of 'red wunz run faster innit' and it was instead the Swoggler team itself that took to the field displaying parts of their bodies which really should be left to the imagination... while the orc Maidens trundled about listlessly in bulky armour. So it came to pass that the Khemri mercilessly dispensed with the orcs in the first half, finishing with just six on the pitch as their quite revolting naked bodies were ground in to the dirt. Head coach Hayward even took the time to take a photo for posterity... no really he did, I won't forgive you soon for that my friend! 1-0 at half time, a scoreline which was rarely in doubt. Two sets of KO rolls brought most of the team back giving 10 orcs to start the second half. Fortunately the kit debacle was sorted out and fully armoured Swogglers this time meant business. Both teams traded blows in the middle of the pitch for a while seeking position. Another Orc got KO'd but so did a Tomb guard as well. The orcs picked a side and went for it with half the team, hoping some blocks would fail to gain good field position. The Khemri defended 'dead ard' and made things quite desperate for the orcs but then the orcs played a perfect turn, making every single roll (1 dice blocks, dodges, gfis, you name it!) to secure a scoring position. Again the undead made a wall of bones and steel, but the orc carrier made his 3+dodge, and 2gfi's to bring home a resounding draw! Good game Mr Hayward, enjoyed it. My boyz will bring their armour next time though! http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-10-04 15:49:49 Match: Cognisant of the Optics (1) vs. Gone With The Orcs (2) Gate 4 of the Prem Autumn 2017 workstream. There was a lot of sand in the gearbox and the work group struggled to potentialise their sea legs. The Upper Echelon repeatedly sandbagged the cubical fodder causing personnel retention issues. Tim the Corporate Lawyer Screwed the pooch and was unable to be impactful in the early stages due to ongoing personal issues. Ludmilla proved to be interlock well with the team and HR will facetime with her later to identify an appropriate incent opportunity. Following this match Colin upskilled and is expected to provide ongoing benefits across the piece. Pablo I forgot to note your MVP. you will need to do that. -No worries, will do, the MVP was my thrower. Thanks for the game again and for commenting my mistakes and helping me to learn from them. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-10-04 03:25:42 Match: Hornswogglers (1) vs. The Rogue Traders (0) A classic showdown between the Orcs and the Humans it was. The Rogue Traders looked good on paper; with an ST4 Blitzer, an AG4 Thrower, two blodgers and two guarders threatening to counter the 4 Black Orcs and 4 Blitzers. However, the TV difference allowed the introduction of 2 star players to crawl out from under the stones of the green kingdom; Ugroth Bolgrot with his menacing chainsaw and Bomber Dribblesnot. Glaring sunshine on the initial weather roll quickly negated the throwers' heightened abilities and the Orc's won the toss choosing to receive, bringing Ugroth on to the pitch for the initial drive. The weather changed and the sunshine dissipated. The humans suffered some early losses with the standard blitzer and the thrower being badly hurt by midway through the first half. Ugroth was blocked and his own chainsaw landed on him to knock him out for the rest of the game, much to the relief of the ST4 blitzer standing in his path. The dogged Humans managed to hold off the Orc onslaught for the rest of the half, even with the Ogre thinking mostly about whether or Mrs Ogre would be cooking sausages for tea or not. The second half started ominously, with the numerical advantage and a second star player on the pitch, the Orcs were keen. JP Morgan called Pootash's mother a dirty goblin and the subsequent pitch invasion left players on both sides out for the count. With the +2 FAME to the Orcs, the humans came off worse, rovering the ball and retreating to deep field. The Orcs rushed forward and although a recovery was possible, good screening from the greens prevented the Humans getting out of their own half. A risky GFI to pass on turn 5 saw the Humans lose the ball in mid-field, being picked up quickly by a black orc with some incredible ball-handling skills. Damage control time for the humans. Some good blocking and dodging followed but it was never enough, with the Black Orc inching his way down the field to the corner. A final ditch by the humans on turn 8 alowing a blitzer to get into the tackle zone of the ball carrier, meant the orcs had to block him out with a thrower. Double skulls! Re-roll...POW. It was all over. The Orcs celebrating the narrow win with the home crowd, the Humans home again to review strategy after yet another defeat. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-10-04 01:38:57 Match: Tartarus Titans BBC (2) vs. Champions of Chaos (2) Good game against Yogi, as expected. I was probably a little blasé early doors and foolishly gave Yogi a nibble at the ball, but would require leaving a lot of players in contact (to cancel assists) and he was already a beast down. The POW was delivered on my blodger and a chaos warrior was in contact with the ball. I perhaps should have backed out of my plan but blocked Yogi's team down to 9 men, with many of those on the ground - but then failed the pick up. TO be fair, I rolled snake-eyes but the TZ could have been shifted had I not used my blitz elsewhere. Part of my brain was telling me getting players up was going to do my team more good, but when the ball scattered into a vaguely useful place for Yogi, a POW (MNGing my blodger) and some good dice meant that not only did Yogi score, but recovered to 11 men. Operation Own Goal was now in full working order. The dark elves rather quietly drove forward again and made it 1-1 at the half, but had the mino been better behaved (he was shocking) some of that MB could have caused the DEs enough damage to roll over in the 2h. As it happened, a rather lucky DE turn saw a chaos warrior dead (saved to a perm by the apo) AND the mino BH. The Champions had life made difficult for them but still scored in 7. Enough time for the DEs to just about get an equaliser, although that could have gone wrong with a series of 2 (and a 3 needed). 2-2 - thanks for the game, Yogi. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-10-03 15:24:19 Match: Masked Avengers (1) vs. Tartarus Titans BBC (2) A good game against Stu - but difficult for him as an early snake-eye on offence lost all momentum and he was forced into scoring early or lose the ball. The Pro Elves were then down players and despite getting the elf blitzers into tricky positions, the dark elves equalised and looked fairly strong to get a winner late in the match. Some good defence from the elves forced the dark elves into far too many dice in the final turn to get the win (than they would have liked) but this time fortune smiled and the win was secured. Thanks for the game, Stu. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-10-03 15:14:40 Match: Str[Ogre]and[Snot]able (1) vs. Rat de Fogn (1) RAI News 24 ... Record turnout still results in minority government. 'we have a larger mandate then before' claim government ... Report: Social equality on the back burner for this parliament ... PM strikes early blow to crippled underclass in opening speech ... Report: Media Accountability 'not a priority' for this leadership ... Government finally pushes past the middle ground and aims to go further than ever ... Opinion: Chaos and failures at protests as the proliteriat is distracted by government smokescreens ... Surfer casualty reported off coast, NHS to blame claim opponents ... Teresa flexes muscles, killing opponent stalling tactics dead ... PMQs: stand in Boris shows power and flexibility, landing a blow on the opposition and scoring a rare win ... High casualty rate at half way point of government term forces return for all sidelined members ... Opposition gains nothing more than 'vanity pledges' claims spokesman ... Jeremy makes inroads into opposition heartlands as government looks strong ... Opposition lightning strike gives adept win at PMQs ... Comment: With time to turn opinion to their side government repeatedly fumble the ball ... Both sides show incompetence as neither can take advantage of wavering popular opinion ... Opinion: With backs to the party wall Boris takes opposition down with him in scandal ... Boris will return 'stronger then ever' despite media hounding, claim government ... NI peace Process declared 'dead in the water' after government greed at negotiations ... Teresa to provide more support for cabinet in future ... http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-10-03 14:44:41 Match: Hashutischoo (0) vs. Rock Face Bears (1) Lycos finds a way. Astonishing game! After four turns of piffling about on halfway Dave chose a wide zone and with my faster and stronger team I was confident of stopping him from scoring with little trouble. I did not account for rolling snake eyes on my very first D6 roll of the half, letting Dave run through and it addition surf two players. The slipshod Hobgoblin with Wrestle who was a fault found himself exposed and then immediately died. But worse was yet to come! My drive was going well, a man up and driving. I did not account for a triple one allowing Dave to one dice the ball loose only for it to bounce four squares right next to his only player yet to move - a Runner. I then immediately snake eyed again the following turn and the jig was up. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-09-26 16:52:58 Match: Gone With The Orcs (2) vs. Arboreal Madrid (1) The lads still seem to be on their summer holidays. Clearly been practising set-pieces on the training ground but lacking of match fitness to close things down and really harass the opposition. Playing on the break as they do, they've got to get that final ball to the attacking third or they'll be outmanned and crushed in the mid-field. At the end of the day and to be fair to the orcs, they made some mistakes but they took their chances and that's what counts in this game. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-09-26 16:52:51 Match: New Orc Giants (0) vs. Hornswogglers (2) The Hornswogglers got their league campaign going with their first win against the somewhat beaten up New Orc Giants. The coach knew a lot would hang on the toss to see who received first and who could get the early cas and KO's and that proved to be even more true that he would of thought... The kick went deep which nullified the blitz result somewhat as the New Orc Giants made hard hard work for the swogglers attempts to cage up the field. KO's kept coming though every other turn, then an injury which used up the APO and the Swogglers attempted to take the ball down one flank. Jamies depleted orcs managed to make a fist of it though and sacked the carrier, launched the ball in to the stands, only it to go deep near their own endzone. It took a turn 8 blitz, GFI, pickup, pass and catch to bring home the score in the end as nuffle smiled in Gritters dice. To be fair the second half went how you might expect with the New Orc Giants short handed versus a full team of Swogglers and it wasn't long before the drive had been nullified and the ball sprung loose. Slow and steady despite some valiant defending on the sidelines, the second score went in on turn 16 for the 2-0 win. GG Jamie, the armour and cas rolls favoured me somewhat... but at least you can afford a troll now :) http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-09-26 16:04:08 Match: Prysmos Knights (2) vs. The Rogue Traders (1) Ogres are irritating and so is Stabby McStab. It is a time when Magic Is more powerful than Science And only those who control the Magic,Control destiny. The Prysmos Knights set forth onto the blood bowl arena to battle the mighty Rough Traders With powers of mind, strength, skill, 'n' speed, we had powers to accomplish the greatest of deeds. We battled strength 4 blitzers with the only way we know how....the mighty Sinbad - knife to the head. We out skilled the lumbering Ogre, forcing him to roll 1 after 1 after double both down The strength of our mighty,shit, Tomb Knights became depleted as Cryotec was crippled by a quad 6, to crack his suit of power bear armour. And if it wasn't for the 9 dice rolled against the ball man without a single knock down, the Knights could have capitalized even further. Our destiny is in our hands, our weak weak hands, and we go on to fight our next battle on the pitch with a team in tatters, not having scored a single spp from CAS. The Prysmos Knights fans are getting restless - they want Magic more powerful than science - they want some Mighty Blow ! http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-09-26 15:54:41 Match: Ice Breakers (2) vs. Tartarus Titans BBC (1) A tough game against an unrelenting norse-side. It was always going to be tough with two blitzers out - but got harder as Luke's early high pressure and half-decent rolls got him a good foothold against my offence. Luke's good dice dried up with an unfortunate failed dodge and the dark elves got into position to score - albeit were perhaps then a bit lucky to make the TD with two final rolls needed without RR. 1-0 up. Then the wheels fell off. We went through a period of high AV rolls and failed dodges and before long, Luke had not only scored but permed my only blodger (one a cheeky end of turn one dice) and taken me down to 7. Perfect D followed and the position worsened for the DEs with a couple more turns of not quite getting what we needed. 2-1 to Luke, final score. The DEs will pick themselves up and move on - (most of)the norse will do the same - watch out for these guys. They are mean! http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-09-26 14:38:29 Match: The Barrow Guard (1) vs. Gone With The Orcs (1) I probably won't report on every game this season but this one deserves a brief write up. There were some pluses for me but also a lot of could of beens... I received in good weather and had all the early luck. First real block badly hurt his tackle blitzer and another followed ko soon after. In return pablos block dice were quite bland and I got behind his defence with my ag4 ghoul. I contemplated a stall and a handoff but suddenly my armour started failing and 2 cas zombies (regenerated) and a ko mummy changed my mind so I put in. The mummy came back but the Orc didn't and I saw out the half 1-0. Pablo received and the ball was quite deep. He moved it centrally and I managed to break the cage and get the ball free. My ag4 ghoul scooped up the ball and was in scoring range. Then followed some very bad turns for me. First a blitzer could gfi twice for a one dice block duly did got a pow and stunned the ghoul. I was still in position with others but two more 1 dice pows and 2 cas to a ghoul and skeleton and it was not so good. The blitzer had caught the ball and I managed to mark him up and give myself a another chance to blitz. Did this the following turn and ag4 was away again but then double 1'd on a gfi. 2 more cas and 2 stuns in a blink of an eye and it looked grim. Pablo picked up the ball and threw down field then handed off to blitzer in range At this stage I would like to apologise. The game had taken a long time and it was getting late. I said well done and asked if he was scoring (assumed he would want to as I had 6 players I think) and he said yes. I moved the players back to get on with it and after a bit of consideration pablo said he mght have wanted to stall. The opportunity had passed but I should have been more patient. No sportsmanship points for me - though I think I had got some throughout the game, allowing a few do overs including the pass that had not been declared until after some dice, and often reminding pablo to role for armour only to see my player removed!!! With my depleted team I tried to strike down one flank. I again had a chance but it required a half dice with my wight and I twice showed a skull. More frustration but reflecting back I think 1-1 sits more comfortably as the stall I accidentally deniedwould have resulted in this. Thanks for the game pablo - you let me know you were very new to it but you certainly have skills to do well. Ugly orc coach: Thankz for the game zir. Zorry I waz zlow with my game planning, but I'm ztill ztruggling to prepare everi play quickly in my 'ead. I waz a bit pizzed about the touchdown zing but no provlem, you were a nice plaier all the time and gave me some nice piecez of advice. I learn with every game and I realli enyoyed ourz. I'm glad your boneheadz hit the ground wahahaha. PD : those dice were really broken!! I hope my slowness didn't take you out of the joy of the game. Looking forward to play you again! http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-09-19 23:53:30 Match: Bluffington High (0) vs. New Forest Rangers (2) One thing that was really bad this game was the weather. The rest was amazing! Savings for the treeman is going well. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-09-19 15:20:11 Match: Champions of Chaos (2) vs. Recipe for Disaster (0) My lord whispered in my ear "Dekxoas Shadelash, be my chosen and I will reward you. Inflict pain for pleasure or pleasure for pain." I turn and no one is there only trees and small soft plump things that look like children. We shall start this madness and finish it, for we are CHOAS. The kick is high our eyes follow the ball as it peaks and descends landing in the hands of my brother Taurghun. These creatures are quick off the mark, moving out of turn to blitz Kraken-Hoof. We press on deep in his half Taurghun is struck down by a magic bolt of lightning the pressure splitters teeth as he grits them, he goes limp to my envy. He will be up soon enough to inflict his revenge. The ball now sits by our sideline fans chanting "Blood for the Blood God, we block. Praise Papa, we block. Change we can believe in, we block. Pain for Pleasure or Pleasure for Pain, we block." The fat child tries to pick up the ball in a TZ and pass only to fail the pick up. Our fans try to help throwing the ball ever deeper into their half but it goes out and if thrown back in landing in the hands of one of these creatures despite being next to Tildratch The Grotesque. Tildratch loosens the ball and removes its keeper. The beastmen reclaim what is ours and push on. The halflings uphill block our carrier back thrice until he if finally struck by a tree branch. A failed pick up sends ball all over and lands in the vines of the tree. We go for the root and branch to loosen the ball again with a both down. I feel his breath "Now is the time, do me this their sorrow and pain will be your pleasure." I get the ball and move up and wait and score on T8. The second half he is down to 9 and after a perfect defence there is a blockade of beasts, the wall would make hard for a throw team mate. We swarm in pushing and displacing his players always keeping pressure. Eventually we whittle them down to 5. Their coach looses heart cant look anymore and turns his back (Val turns his coach/turn marker to face the other direction). I hear him again "Yes, yes, cry into your cook book this farce is over. Now crush their sprits". I pick up the ball in the TZ of a treeman and dodge away pressing ever closer. They send a brave soul to stop me, delaying me a turn as we both hit the deck. If pain is pleasure he had his last thrill for a while, he wont make his next game! I scoop up the ball again to score on T8, I am Chosen. Val - 10 CAS suffered...10!!! And not a single SPP except the MVP...Effing Halflings.... http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-09-19 14:57:20 Match: Cognisant of the Optics (1) vs. Str[Ogre]and[Snot]able (0) Gate 3 of the Prem Autumn 2017 Project and all metrics were achieved across the piece. The Right seat on the bus was found for all the Change Agents. After a hard first half the C-Level operatives were able to Stir Fry an Idea in the teams Think Wok and the Cadence of the team was significantly up valued. Following the match both Jeremy from Accounts and Brian from Retail proved significantly Job ready. If we continue to paddle on both sides then it is to be hoped that we will pass the pain point and Nail Jelly to the hothouse wall. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-09-19 14:27:54 Match: Cognisant of the Optics (1) vs. New Forest Rangers (2) Gate 2 of the Prem Autumn 17 Projet. Our core assignment capsule was to Prebutt the expected end point wherebye NFR would get the numbers. Due to early issues with personnel retention the pooch was quickly screwed. This led to significant head winds and and our forced de-layering resulted in severe delivery issues. Brian hammock tasked this gate leaving an enhanced workload. There was a large rate of unforced attrition due to plasma retention issues. On the up side Tim the Corporate Lawyer has significantly upskilled and HR have employed a health specialist. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-09-12 23:39:03