Edinboro Castle Blood Bowl League feed http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ Blood bowl league RSS feed en-EN http://www.rssboard.org/rss-specification Sat, 24 Feb 2018 15:01:27 -0700 OBBLM 0.9 $Rev: 917 $ Match: Lord of the Flings (1) vs. Clawpomb Comets (2) The plucky flings turned up determined to cook the Comets off the park. The strategy worked with the chaos stripped of all retools throughout. They even went into the break at 1-1 so things were looking up. Alas, for the plucky little men it was not to be. 'Big D' Diesis firmly cemented his position at the top of the league cas board with an impressive second half display. The flings' overworked apothecary even managed to stitch one poor hobbit's head back on after the mighty cow and brutally decapitated him. The Comets inexorably ground over the line and prevented a OTTD to take a 2-1 victory and get their season underway, finally! http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2018-02-20 17:54:35 Match: Bolin's Brewers (0) vs. Unearthed Arcana (1) Too many Skulls to count!!! Nuffle rules! Good game, entertaining, but frustrating. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2018-02-20 16:01:22 Match: Y Tu Mamá También (2) vs. Edenore Nightclouds (1) Well a lovely second outing for The Ladies. Sadly Joe's Mum and Martin's Mum were both feeling a little under the weather so they could not attend. This left two spaces on the coach for some other ladies. This time we were off to see some lovely young men who had absolutely lovely hair but seemed a little over interested in each other. Strangely our hosts had laid on a couple of scantily dressed young ladies who offered us beer. We were polite but really it was a wonder they did not catch a cold in that get up. Ah well pride keeps you warm I suppose. We had a lovely time and the gentlemen were very well mannered. Val's Mum was acclaimed as Most Valued Parent and received a Bouquet of lovely roses. All in all a very successful outing and we look forward to the next one. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2018-02-20 15:13:41 Match: New Forest Rangers (0) vs. Tartarus Titans BBC (2) Games against Erik are always entertaining - and with him having wardancers, I knew it would be at least a rollercoaster, if not induce kettle-noise-like seething. Erik started on offence and after a couple of turns of posturing, he went left, but needed a GFI from the strip ball wardancer to make it safe. Snake-eyes - and the ball was loose. Worse, the wardancer capable of getting the ball back was KO'd. This could well have been game set and match but the ball was in two WE TZs and the Titans immediately double skulled against one of the ball markers, leaving the ball in a single TZ but without RR to pick it up. The Titans got the cage ready, should the pick up be made but it was fluffed - and Erik breathed again. Well until he failed a dodge midway through his next turn, leaving him short of safety. The DEs had another attempt at the ball but could only succeed in wrestling the ball down (catching it with an already moved runner) so whilst we had it, we couldn't get safe either. So lots of TZs put on all of Erik's now fairly tightly arranged players and hope for the best. Erik was unlucky again with a failed dodge out of tackle allowing the DEs to consolidate. Then he double skulled with the tree first action (the tree needed to make a path to dodge everyone out). By this time, we were long gone and it was 1-0 at the half. And now to receive, albeit Erik made his KOs so he was at full strength still. Things were looking positive but BB has a habit of throwing the odd spanner in the works. It wasn't long before we were feeling under pressure as Erik went hunting for the ball. Although the ball was safe, a snake-eye dodge with my tackle blitzer put paid to his efforts for a while and with a couple more stuns, suddenly the ball up jumper routine was starting to look a little ragged. However having the ball in a sidestepper's arms near the sideline and in multi TZs for the inevitable strip, save Erik delay the big red button push. A crease in the defence allowed us to progress into the middle of the field and now Erik struck, leaping in for one dice but with me sidestepping further into my cage. The ball was now in FIVE TZs. Erik went for it. All he needed was 5 up dodge, 6 up dodge (RR for one), 6 up pick up and 2 up pass out (he had NOS). Duly the 5 happened, then the 6 but the pick up failed on 5s. Pffffff. Man, that was palpitation territory. It allowed the Titans to recover and get off downfield. Probably for the game if the knocked down the wrestler that could reach, allowing us to foul the one WD that reach. However we didn't knock down the wrestler and had to mark him rather than foul the WD. So Erik had one more chance, needing 3 up leap and 2GFIs to potentially strip the ball. It was not to be - and the Titans put it in for 2-0. HIs snake-eye with the ball (+KO) was no doubt the defining moment - unlucky, Erik. The Titans roll on to the Prem Final, where they will face current champ, Yogi and his chaos attempting to be only the third side to win the league without losing a game. Watch this space. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2018-02-20 14:55:14 Match: Norsk Ironwolves (1) vs. Clawpomb Comets (1) Thanks Loki for the skulls! Well, that was more brutal than anticipated. Big 'D' Diesis warmed up his hooves on a few of the pansy Norse, but Lord Two-Skull and Mr Tumnus didn't make it in return. The warrior was brutally decapitated by a frothing berserker, and Yggdresil now wears Mr Tumnus' hooves around his neck as an ornament. The game swung back and forth, some questionable ball skills coupled with a tripwire put pride to the Comets last ditch attempt to sneak a winner. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2018-02-14 02:38:25 Match: SK Rapid Vermin (2) vs. Tinseltown Sexhawks (0) FEED MY FRANKENSTEIN…their Hungry for love, and blood, and it's feeding time...Welcome to the stadiums, the Tinsletown Sexhawks ......and the Sexhawks kick to the rats, and oh. What’s that… it looks like a rock…. a pink rock… flying through the air, and…. oh dear that looks painful. Who is it? Oh my, its Alan who does my anal bleeching….he is been killed dead, stone cold dead. That’s a bad start for the Sexhawks…… (earlier that day, Pamela Andersuck was watching back and admiring hersex after a long video shoot earlier that day. Nothing better than flirting her body in a prematch dial on demand sex-session for her mad for it ‘sexhawkers’, when she noticed something amiss) “ALAN! You little shit. What is this! (walking into the prematch dressing room, pulling his head up from the chains that bound him in the corner of the dugout, eagerly awaiting his mistresses next command, and the kick off later that day) “yesssss, mistress what is it, are you not happy with my work?” “I ASKED FOR SCREAMING PUSSY PINK, NOT AGRAX ASS-SHADE BROWN” “I am sorry missstreesss, but it said pink on the packet….what else could I do” “YOU WILL PAY ALAN. THEY PAY ON DEMAND FOR PINK!, AND ALL THEY SEES IS BROWN…..10 CANCELED SUBSCRIPTIONS….NOW THAT BITCH SKIN, SHE HAS MORE INSEXAGRAM FOLLOWERS ” (….so the infighting between the Sexhawks stars begins. More intent on fans, followers and their shaven havens rather than the beautifal game, Pamela paid off the home fans to kill Alan, despite the need for 11 players on the pitch from the start) .....after the brutaly amusing start the rats got the advantage, and zig zaged their way to a late touchdown. A failed 1/1 GFI to blitz the ball carrier and a couple of sexstarved vampiresses saw 2 turns left to equalise….but then, the piss pouring rain started , and all that materialised was a pass catch skill up to go into half time 1-0 to the rats Second half….a perfect defence got the Sexhawks on the back foot for the whole drive, and some failed sexy magic skills, made virtually impossible by the bloody rain, meant the vamp drive fizzled out. This was closely followed by the almost pitch clearance, then easy touch down, saw SK rapid vermin win the game 2-0. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2018-02-13 15:42:15 Match: Boneyard Bandits (1) vs. Champions of Chaos (2) “Sons of chaos, my Champions the dead have risen it’s time to put them back in the DIRT!” The One demands. The dead recive the ball but we won’t wait after a close kick, we charge forward. The Suneater got under the ball but failed to catch it. This angered the dead with there opening block BH a beast. After a few turns of fighting over the ball the undead win the battle and make a break for it with the ball. Cuntard Herald of the One lets out a loud bellow before blitzing a mummy and killing him. His horns punch a hole through his chest. By what is dead is hard to kill and the mummy regenerates. We force an early score giving us 3 turns to go 1-1 at the half. We surf players forward to open up spaces and move are team up field. The final blitz to open up are route through needed a push to open up are route but a stand off prevents us from scoring. This displeases the One. the second half 11 vs 11 we take are time getting up field and score on turn 8. “Taurghum the Suneater my son push on and prevail and be blessed.” We lost Gorhide during are drive forward. Over time Champions are 10, 4 RR and will be kicking vs Boneyard Bandits 11, 1 RR to recive. The dead make a blockade to try and drive up the field. Gortookk the Muddy begins to surgically remove players with the bows of his mighty claw. Zombie, AG4 wight. The Bandits panic and push up against the chaos lines. Ghouls begin to creep around the sides posing a threat. They push to hard and fast GFI and a ghoul get KO’ed have used the RR already. Next to go is a block mummy as Ragebreath unleashes his might. The Bandits swing to the other side. As the Champions begin to circle them. Pushing more players into contact. Trying to open up some more space the Bandits open a new turn blocking with mummy that 1/9 and leaves the field. Chaos has come, displacement and attrition turns this team to dust. As both team battle for ball blitzing it loose and picking up turn after turn. Until finally the Champions make a break with the ball needing 5 GFI to score in time and 1 RR left. The dead scramble to try and stop them dodging players from every direction. Only to skull on the die blitz. The Suneater make a swift push forward and gets out of range of the remaining players that pose a threat. TD turn 8 the Suneater is blessed! http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2018-02-11 13:03:49 Match: Pendulous Bulls (1) vs. Torc Fantasy Football (2) "Brrraaaahhh cold snap this week Bob, looks like a blizzard to me." "Jim it looks like the fans are keen to get this under way so they can get out the cold, look one of them just threw a rock, Orcragous." "That bull is seeing stars lucky for thick skull." "The green skins went through the grinder in there last match, I can see they have a merc troll and whole lot of loners." "Gridblock for the blitz, you can see a lot of pain and anger in his eyes. He just crippled a chorf the doc is looking at him now. he got him stable no lasting injures but i doubt he will make the next game Bob." "This is SPARORCCCCCCA" "The green skin coach has instructed his team to offer no quarter and keep pressure up tagging up as many players as possible." "3 turns in and the pressure is mounting after a hob goblin gets ko'ed now the orcs have player in contact with the carrier, how are the Pendulous Bulls going to get out of this one!" "well Jim i think he is going to have to try and swing it to the other side and hope for a gap to open." "well this is Orcful again the Bulls are completely surrounded. the ball holding cent is going at it alone down a side line but he is not fast enough. after his cent blocker failed to dodge and proved some needed support." "The green skins decent and bring down the ball carrier Orcso they now have the ball and have started to move up field. A brave centaur needs to make up for falling over so he decides to go after the ball dodging and GFIing in the snow like a hero." "what this Jim it looks like the green skins have created a surf and cent buffet for the fans and they love it, omnomnom. He wont be returning this game that's for sure." "Orcellent play there they score on turn 8" "hear come the half time entertainment, the Orcacola girls, my god they can tworc." "second half green skins are 11 to the bulls 7." "The Bulls loose 2 Hobs, both are badly hurt as the green skins make their advance." "TOUCHDOWN!!! Well Jim it looks like with the chorf dwindling number the Orc coach was to try and get a third with 4 turns left." "Bob look at that deep kick, it looks like its going to be touch back and it is. the centaur on the line is given the ball and he blitz's through the orc line and GFI's 3 time to make it hard for the green skins to get him." "A great play there right out the book of Yogi" "The orcs close in for the kill. But the last GFI for the blitz proves to much, have a face of snow. cent to blitz score" "The fans are starting look more like ice cubes. the Ref decides to speed up the game as the clocks move forward and the game comes to an early end." http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2018-02-07 15:30:55 Match: Torc Fantasy Football (1) vs. The Rising Stars (1) “So Jim let’s Torc football” “ Right you are Bob and orcsome start for the green skins. Lots of KO’s against orcrrid Rising Stars. Then desiarster hit the No.3 chucker got ghouled, no amount of CPR will help after that hit.” “Looks like the green skins are starting loose there numbers and after some orcward die blocks they got a orcfully good TD on turn 8 Jim.” The second the Rising Star field 11 against 8. “It looks like poor little Grezp Griots just been Orcphaned. As BoB’s Orcasimic block has him face down biting the dirt. If you know what I mean Bob” “Orcsinary BoB is next to say goodnight after Delphine claws at him. Not to worry fans he will be back soon.” “What are the stars doing they have over stretched there is no one caging the ball. The carrier is running up field like a lone wolf.” “But he is not Bob he is a ghoul....Orcso hear comes the blitz ball goes loose.” “I don’t think there are enough orcs to stop this TD Jim” “ your right Bob 1-1. Oh my not a pitch invasion the green skins have 4 left standing. The Rising Stars have 9 on there feet. The clock is doing no favours for the green skins with 4 turns remaining.” “We have seen the mighty green hold the line 1-1 at the end.” http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2018-02-06 15:36:26 Match: The BoOGERs and Snots (2) vs. Happy Tree Friend (1) Fun match between the ofre and rthe woodies I was expecting the ogre to be over their head vs jumping elves but the ogre barely went boneheads and drove the game from start to finish. An early TD from the woodies left the ogre team to bash their way through the defense line till the TD. Second half would see the ogre punching more elfes out of the pitch. The Last drive should have seen the elves equalise . A failed blitz kick off see the woodies counter attacks . Unfortunatly a double 1 on a dodge would see the draw escape the elves. Bad luck for arcvampiro who failed 2 games on a row on a snake eyes on his very last action I hope you have done your quotas of bad luck for 2018 Good luck for your next match Dragonloup http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2018-02-03 11:50:31 Match: Clawpomb Comets (0) vs. Har Ganeth Harrow (1) The game kicked off late as Coach Loyn had to wait for his team's bus to turn up. When they finally got under way, it really was a tale of two halves. In each half the Elves dominated... They were able to turn the Comets over in the first half, but some last ditch defending and a neatly placed trip wire prevented the chaos going in 1-0 down at the half. In the second half there were two concerted blitzes on the ball, but from 6 dice...not a single pow or stumble. The Elves were able to squeak a TD home turn 7. It was all very exciting, with 2 turns for the chaos to pull their own Elf-style rubbish ad equalise. Sadly they're not elves, so succumbed 1-0. 'Big D' Diesis got off to a strong start to his season, crushing the legs of one hapless lineman. Furry Trousers, the Comets rising-star quarterback netted a completion and was awarded MVP for being the least useless. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2018-01-30 16:58:03 Match: Fight With Tools (2) vs. Waaghamstow Yoof Club (0) The elves has been sharpening their 'Tools' all winter long (no that's not a euphemism! Honest! Do Elves even DO that kind of thing anyway? *Shudders*) ... I digress... ...Honing their Screwdrivers to sharp points; their spanners in to Orc sized nipple-clamps and arming their fans with all manner of mallets, power drills, Stanley knives and those pins you use to a-fix paper to corkboards that you never notice you have dropped until you say "ARGHHH MY FLIPPING FOOT!" while dancing a merry jig. Brutal tooled up fans they are. The Orcs received the kick first and made little impact on the Teflon elf line. The Orcs felt the force of aforementioned fans pretty early on with two cunning early surfs (1 BH, 1 KO) on a side line while the Elves got in and behind the orc line as their thrower failed his first pickup roll. With the Orcs unable to form a cage in midfield the tricksy Elves sprung the ball loose in turn 3 and had a perfect turn of dodges, pickups and blocks to run clear with the ball behind a semi screen. Under pressure from the Orcs the following turn though Fight With Tools ran in a turn 4 score and set up again, this time against 9 Orcs. The Orcs got hold of the ball this time though on the first attempt and it proved more difficult to prise it free so the Elves made sure a score was not on for the Orcs and also managed a very very sneaky surf of another Orc to KO and at some point 'Children' badly hurt another soft headed Orc with a block. The half ended 1-0 with and only 8 Orcs showed up for the restart so it was pretty much impossible for them from there. Tools played the game deep and tried to maximise their own blocks given the numbers advantage and wait for a safe opening. The Orcs defended well though and 'Refuse' got himself killed when the silly Elf head-butted an Orc only to impale his face on one of their many spikes. A tragic senseless death of one so young! There was much tooing and froing and side to sidings... as the elves playing it dull before 'No HandleBars' Badly hurt another Black Orc with a screwdriver to the ear and the elves finally made their move forward through the middle. A pass, a handoff and a quick run later put the carrier in range of a score and out of range of a blitz. One brave Orc managed to tackle zone him and there was a moment of worry as the elves rolled their first doubleskulls of the match, but 'Resistance is Victory' ran in the score in Turn 7 to make it 2-0. With no goblin in play that was pretty much a wrap. Nothing else died or got injured and the fans in the crowd went back to the Shed to start playing with each others tools. GG to my opponent- I certainly had the first half dice today and it seemed we had swapped our armour over. Always going to be tough shorthanded Orcs versus an agile team. Best of luck for the rest of the season, go kill some stuff :) http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2018-01-30 15:39:39 Match: So You're Saying I'm A Lobster? (1) vs. Tinseltown Sexhawks (0) FEED MY FRANKENSTEIN…their Hungry for love, and blood, and it's feeding time...FEED MY FRANKENSTEIN . Meet the libidos: Paris Hateton she's a psycho, Skin Killdashien will drink blood from her 1,000,000th Instagram followers fur tea cup, while Pamela Andersuck used to be alive but now she is dead and lickin' on Alan who loves to do her anal bleechings, stick. Welcome to the stadiums, the Tinsletown Sexhawks...... a mighty trio of celebrity Vamps who made it big on the bloodbowl big screens, not through prowess on the pitch but through might in the bedroom. The vampire sextapes have done the rounds on dark web after being aledgedly leaked by the filty male chauvinist Count Luther Von Drakenburg. Although the wispers in the stands hint at a more nhilisitic cult of personality, with rumours of live feeds, leeks, and agents being the pleasure generating norm, to boost the ratings, profiteering and status in the dark world of the Vampire-celebrity, and their infamous Sexhawk Sextapes. A procession of undead followers of all but the living, poured into the stadium to watch thier two favourite udnead teams battle it out. And it was the lack of fresh blood pumping action, that saw the Tinsletown Sexhawks get off to a flying start....forgetting, only momentarily for most of the game, the need to feed, and it was only by turn 6 that Pemela decided that she really needed to suck off her faithful ratlike dog. Pamela Andersuck, a vampire so self obsessed, and deluded, that she thought she could run the whole first half without the need of any of her disgusting retinue of thralls; not even her faithful ‘Filthy Steve’ who did Debbie when she was in Dallas. The zig zag and movement baffled the undead; they couldn’t handle the dice, which kept giving…..over and over and over…. like webuyanyporn.com representatives throbbing neck, offered up a tasty snack for the second and last time only in the second half. Although it was through her greed, and her disgust at thinking a thrall like Crooked Keith from St Lucia might score that meant instead of the Sexhawks scoring in turn 8 (with a mighty vamp stall) with a simpler dodge pass move score action, a failed dodge through multiple zones saw the drive fizzle out without a score on the final move of the half. The second half saw the undead wilt under the vampires busty gazes, with failed ghoul pick-ups, nad were on the back foot from the start. And while Paris was thinking about skulls, and the fact that the undead probably deserved some more bad luck, a pair were provided. However, the shambling undead managed to do just that, and pick up the ball, and march down the pitch, leaving the vamps and their pressure cooker game behind. Que hypno-gaze / ball carier sack manoeuvre no.1….no can do Axel that ghoul has dodge. All was not lost though, there was still another shot at the ball in hope for a 0-0 draw. And there she was, Skin, trying and failing not to molest the mummy. But with some not particularly surprising dice, managed to dodge free and assist the ball carrier – BOOM. Down the ghoul goes….although so does Skin…. both down/push….she takes one for the team…. again like in her first video she was face up in the dirt …..but it wasn’t to be….and justice prevailed, with the Undead getting it done on Turn 16 with a this time successful pick up. 1-0….what a game and a start to the season…..although the sighs of justice audible from the stands of the Lobster Massive. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2018-01-30 15:18:42 Match: Y Tu Mamá También (1) vs. Norsk Ironwolves (2) First meeting of the WI we had some lovely young men from Denmark come and see us. They were very muscular and which caused Joe's Mum and Martin's mum to swoon. They oiled themselves up and went through a number of body building moves. We were all very impressed and Paul's mum nearly dropped her scones. At the end of the meeting we all decided that the Most Valued Parent was Erik's Mum who got a nice bunch of baby pink peonies. All in all a lovely outing for the ladies. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2018-01-30 15:04:34 Match: Guild of Initialed Tunnellers (0) vs. Lakuri Wildcats 18 (1) So not the ideal draw, getting CDs with your noob amazons. But then again, perhaps the best time to get them, when there are only 5 CDs and no MB? The zons started on offence and got an early KO'd CD. This was pretty luck and meant we could boss the remaining CDs a little. A sideline exchange left a BC in a tricky position on the floor, and that's where he stayed for a couple of turns, allowing the zons to swath the flank and just about get in in T7. Not enough for the CDs to equalise so 1-0 at the half. 2h - the CDs didn't get the same luck with an early KO and were faced with a 11 zons, holding the line. Several turns of stepping up and being knocked back and the CDs were growing in desperation. They tried a dodge through the line but didn't work out and the ball carrying BC was left sackable. So final was 1-0 to the zons. Phew. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2018-01-30 14:45:20 Match: Champions of Chaos (1) vs. King of the Norse (0) The Champions take to field against the horde from the lands of ice and snow. Their King pays good coin for a chainsaw and bomber star to join the team, bring their numbers to 14. Champions to receive the ball first setting up to inflict maximum damage on the seemingly un-armoured Norse. PD reduces the effectiveness but 2 KO's are achieved through the first wave of blocks and the blitz. We get to the middle of field when a chaos reigns down upon us. A bomb loosens the ball and after 12 bounces off different players it eventually settles on the wrong side of the Champions cage. We continue to whittle down there numbers but it's not enough. The King of the Norse sends in his star runner to pick up the ball in a TZ and dodge away forming a loose cage. The norse numbers are at 7 to the chaos 11. Neurosal gets blitzed and looses the ball and beasts descend upon it. The Norse strike again and reclaim the ball but double 1 a GFI and BH the lineman with ball. Gharlodok picks up pass the ball down field to Kraken-Hoof who in turn double 1's a GFI to be free and clear of the side-stepping Neurosal. The Champions have one final attempt on turn 8 to score. They choose a more chaotic route incurring more dice rather then a simpler 3,1,1 we try a 1,1,3,3,3. We come up short. Half time the Norse try to muster a team they are down both stars are sent off, 2 linemen are in the CAS box and Salutations the runner and a blitzer stay KO'ed. Second half is 8 Vs 11. "WE ARE CHAOS, WE ARE CHAOS" the Champions howl as they set up 5 braves on the line, the 4 warriors Plus Cuntard. The King of the Norse only keeps his star runner back. After a deep kick the crowd get rallied up and hurl a rock KO'ing Neurosal the runner!! This pleases the Gods, Cuntard hears the winds of change. A lone lineman pushes down one side towards the chaos end zone but is blitzed into oblivion. The mighty Herald gores a lineman BH him. The Kings numbers stand at 5 now. An Ulf starts to make his way down to the chaos end zone after a one dice blitz a RR is needed. The lineman goes to bomb the ball but fails the dodge and KO's himself. "Shadelash my son, score for me this touchdown reap the reward." I push forward and pick up the ball. The One call out to his Herald "Whats a King to a GOD. Punish all that stand before you." A frenzied attack is unleashed, as Cuntard begins clawing at the Ulf, who get removed from the pitch. Through boot and hoof on turns 5,6 and 7 we KO'ed the last 3 players. As the last snowflake melted a red field remained and chaos ensued. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2018-01-27 14:42:22 Match: The Fists of the Norses Stars (2) vs. Happy Tree Friend (0) Arcvampiro selected my norse with a 300tv advantage , not the best match up as it was giving an unfair advantage to the norse from the start. Strong with 300k inducements , he took a wizz , a babe and an extra RR. The first half was amazing with the ball being lost and recover by both side several times. The norse were in difficulty till turn 8 . The fireball hit 4 players out of 5 but missed the ball carrier and did not manage to take out any player. The norse managed to score on the ultimate turn of the first drive thanks to a crazy combo. On second half they kicked the ball but thanks to their numerical superiority , they never left much space for any layer to escape. A fail double 1 on dodge would see the norse counter attack and steal a 2-0 lead. The final attack by Arcvampiro would see him fail his second GFI on another double 1 robbing him from a TD on the line. Very bad luck for Arcvampiro on top of having the odds against him too. Thanks for the match. See you next week for our third and final round ! http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2018-01-23 16:14:21 Match: Ice Breakers (0) vs. Tartarus Titans BBC (2) Not Luke's night. It started off badly for him with a double skulls first block and things only marginally improved from there, as his team seemed to have brought cushions rather than knuckledusters. A full 11 defended, against 10, then 9 men. And with sidesteppers on flanks, Luke was eventually forced into a dodge through the line (which worked) and some scampering GFIs (which didn't). The Titans therefore had a pop at the ball and wrestled it down, and recovered with a blodger. Despite being late in the half, we had just about enough time to get a couple of receivers in range and Luke immediately failed the dodge to tag one. 1-0 to the Titans. Luke put the DEs under pressure to try and get the ball back - but we could get off down the pitch with a few dodges. We rolled a large amount of dodges and I am not sure I rolled even one 1, let alone a pair of them together until about turn 14. By then it was 2-0 and Luke's consolation was lost with another failed GFI, then a failed pick up whilst in range. Tough luck, Luke. You want to at least have a game in the playoffs and this was a bit one-sided. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2018-01-23 16:02:01 Match: Prysmos Knights (0) vs. Rock Face Bears (0) Pretty quick and dull game as I didnt want to hurt Toms team and he wanted to get through without losing players. I dont think I got in scoring distance and with such high AV it was a slug for the Khemri. uneventful. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2018-01-18 14:58:00 Match: Green Rage (0) vs. Happy Tree Friend (1) First game back after a long break. We were both testing races , Orc vs Woodies. the match was quite fun but my orc were unable to crack his armor 7 while my rookies black orc seems to spend more time looking at the floor than chasing pointy hears. Great game of cat and mouse for a final escape run at turn 15 to leave the orc behind . Great match Archie , looking forward to play again our return match next tuesday http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2018-01-18 06:20:55