Edinboro Castle Blood Bowl League feed http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ Blood bowl league RSS feed en-EN http://www.rssboard.org/rss-specification Thu, 14 Dec 2017 23:25:11 -0700 OBBLM 0.9 $Rev: 917 $ Match: New Orc Giants (1) vs. Cognisant of the Optics (1) Gate nine of the Autumn 17 work stream and the assignment capsule was to avoid being delayered by the New Orc Giants.The first half was a complete Kabuki Dance up until an aclustic moment by Tim led to ALAP metric achievement by the Orcs. The second half started badly with early dead sticking by CotO and a comprehensive de hire of Ludmilla despite corporate health insurance. Despite this a sudden D-PAD moment by the troll lead to a moment of cadance by the vampires and the ball was latteralled against the play. This enabled sufficient metrics to be achieved and the assignment capsule was declared a limited success. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-12-11 14:40:59 Match: Cognisant of the Optics (0) vs. Tartarus Titans BBC (2) Gate 8 of the Autumn 2017 workstream and with the window closing the metrics are becoming progressively harder. It was difficult to achieve targets although HR reported that the Cubical Fodder were suffering from a lack of marketable skills going forward. Given the increasingly adverse environment Yield loss is an ongoing issue across the piece. Jeremy from accounts had a chance at achieving target but decided to take umbridge at one of the McJobs on the team and progressed retrograde to the direction of travel. All in all a challenging situation with many learning opportunities. A challenging game, all right. The Titans were caught flat-footed and found themselves two men down on offence before the Optics had their first turn (A Blitz KO - and then an Injured DE dodging away from a load of suddenly present vampires on T1). Thankfully the thralls were just as squishy and a couple of bad blocking turns from the Optics allowed the WEs to surf a couple of vamps and get numbers. It remained attritional, but the Titans drove for 1-0 at the half. 2H - the vamps wheels fell off immediately with a snake-eye passing attempt, leaving the ball around the back of the Optics cage, but still reachable for the elves. With Blodging/Sidestep picking it up, Bob was in trouble. He followed up with another snake-eye (GFI) to make a 3d block on the ball carrier - and the elves were off and out of sight. There was some hope with a mega-turn (9 GFIs, bloodlusts and hypnos, only failing on the final one) and got the POW to get the ball down, but the elves were in position to jump on the loose ball for 2-0. Tough game for Bob. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-12-05 16:10:51 Match: Hornswogglers (0) vs. Champions of Chaos (2) The Champions took to the field with the help of wondering apo. Hornswogglers had a bomber and wizard. The sun scorched the grass and earth cracks under foot and hoof. The greenskins try a power play charging ahead of the whistle blitzing Gortookk, they fear his strength and the crushing blow of his claws. A bomb is hurtled towards the back line of the chaos only to drift into the hands of a Orc that passes the hot potato. A hive mind speaks to us we are one, it talks of the displeasure of the orcs haste to get the game started out of turn and how we need to help them understand the Champions are here! Orc armour crumbles under are furry as 1 blorc and blitzer and linemen are left on the floor broken. The orcs hurtle another bomb missing the ball carrier but clipping a corner of the cage. The Champions continue to sweep around the wings. The mighty Gortookk blitzes the blorc that wanged him and continues on to tie up the bomber. Hornswogglers manage to get in front of the champions with a week screen after a the bomber KO’ed himself from a bad dodge. The remaining players get tied up or blitzed away as the Champions make a screen of there own. That’s when the wizards chanting started the sky turned to fire as a ball of flame engulfed Taurghun The Suneater and ball came loose. Bigfboff the blitzer dodges to blitz the beastmen covering the ball with some help of a fellow Orc. The reroll was needed on the dodge. He moves within rage of the Herald of the One and his surf charge. Bait the line Orc decides to try a be a sacrificial lamb in an attempt to tie up the Herald. It was a sound plan but failed after a bad dodge that saw him KO’ed. The Champions descend on the remaining orcs and get tacklezones on the ball carier. Cuntard looks up at the sky and calls out to the gods for strength and power on the hit to come. They wisper about rewards to come and the promise of pain and anguish.....the moment passes as the Herald roars with delight. A beastman needs a reroll after a 1/9 only to have the next player double skull. Hornswogglers continue their advance down the field with the ball dodging like green elves with blitzers and blorcs. But it’s not enough Tildratch can’t let this fulse hope carry on, like the cat and mouse he pounces. The ball goes loose and beastmen swoop in around it and tie up the remaining threats. Taurghun reclaims the ball needing a GFI as Gortookk moves within hand off range in the turn to come. The Hornswogglers try to close there hand around the ball and make a fist but they are out of rerolls and have started to one die and uphill block. After a double uphill pow on Cuntard the next hit uphill hit has the face of a skull. Tulcar blitzes away the only Orc in contact with the ball carrier and provides some support to his brothers in the blocks to come. The Suneater moves up field and hands off the ball Gortookk that makes a break for it. Only the troll poses a threat now and he is unassisted in tackle zone. After some great play the Hornswogglers do a few dodges and some good blocks to get a babysitter in. Detritus the troll blitzes but only gets pushes he follows up and dodges out like a boss getting a TZ on Gortookk (this was not needed as he was still within range to get a TZ on the ball carrier). A beastman moves in to give an assist and a second from a warrior needed a GFI and Gortookk was ready to get a blitz TD on turn 8. Hornswogglers set up for a one turn attempt which is foiled by a good bounce which puts the hand off to the goblin just out of range. Second half both teams are down to 9 men between the weather and KO’s. A blorc sucomes to the heat which gives us a strength advantage on the field. Both teams get a reroll. an Orc line is made after a series of pushes and only the thrower is left in the back field with the ball. Beastmen begin to creep up the sides towards the thrower. Cuntard hears the One scream a name “DETRITUSSSSSS” and he charges putting the troll out of action for a game. The warriors pincer around making a kill zone. The loss of the troll is felt loosing guard and the Strength on the field. The Orc thrower has a beastman TZ on him which gets blitzes away KOed and apo’ed helping us keep the numbers. The thrower attempts a pass action to a blitzer in a TZ but ends up fumbling the ball. A near by warrior blitzes away the thrower and Gortookk scoops up the ball and GFI out of all blitzing range. Turn 6 the Muddy handed off the ball to Dekxoas to score a TD. helping him get closer to a second skill. Hornswogglers have 2 turns to get a TD. Both teams are down to about 8 players. Hornswogglers run a blitzer and line Orc down field with the help of a QS. The blitzer get blitzed to the floor and the line Orc get surrounded by 3 chaos players. Their coach tries to create an inspired chain push to get him closer and reduce the number of dodge needed to break free but fails the GFI for the blitz. “WE ARE CHAMPIONS OF CHAOS!” Cuntard howls. At that moment a his nails grow into talon like claws. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-12-05 16:07:20 Match: Prysmos Knights (1) vs. Str[Ogre]and[Snot]able (1) It is a time when Magic Is more powerful than Science, And only those who control the Magic, Control destiny. The Prysmos Knights set forth onto the blood bowl arena to battle Str[Ogre]and[Snot]able With powers of mind, a lot of pows; i mean a LOT of pows, and some mighty annoying runts aka snotlings aka roll a bloody double 1 why dont you aka i see this is why tackle is a good skill, the Knights failed to capitise and almost lost their game advantage, with the game grinding to a 1-1 tie. This match Mortred Lickspittle knocked it out the park with a display of brute force that any troll slayer would be proud of....3 CAS inc 1 death and the MVP to boot. Also, Sinbad thought he would grace the Knights with his presence again, and again his opening stab brought the orges to his knees, needing the Apo to save him. Both teams drives failed to materialize and the ball was turned over by the opposing teams in each half. The Prysmos knights thought the blodger would be safe in the open...but no! the heroic snotlings rerolled a one die into a Boom! have some of that pow and told him where to go....back to his mother in a box! However, it ended for the Orges when their snotlings got too cock sure and went for Another dodge to try and get to the ball carrier and the much awaited double 1 sealed the draw, well that and some nice Pows from the knights http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-12-05 15:27:22 Match: Hornswogglers (2) vs. Rat de Fogn (1) "Izz well simple boys! Like me! We gotta win every squigging game until the end of the season and it dem well starts with der ratz! The sage words of the head coach in their ears, along with the ear wax, hair and general 'orrible brown fetid grottiness you find in orc ears for which frankly there is no name... the Swogglers made few mistakes today. The chewed up Skaven of Rat de Fogn won the toss and elected to receive which was just fine with the orcs. They set about threatening the Skaven while keeping enough orcs back that they could force a quick score if they couldn't get the carrier down. This was exactly what happened in Turn 3 as the Rats ran in an early score and set up for a bashing. Kick-off was good and the Skaven got the ball right in one corner, sending orcs scrabbling back from the line of scrim so as to form a screen then a cage with enough numbers. The troll laid a smackdown on 'unnamed linemen number 4' for his first casualty of the league and throughout the rest of the game proved hyper intelligent! :) Seriously... for a troll who has spent more time of the field than on it and when he is on it does bugger all except go Errrr ... he played a blinder today. The mobile rats tried to pick at the corner of the cage and slow it down as the orcs tried to catch up with the orcs on the line of scrim. It was to no avail though and the cage caught up with the rest of the team, while Pootash smacked another rat off the pitch. The rest of the half just became about whether the Swogglers could grind forward fast enough and securely as the Rats tried to delay them. They made a good fist of it, but the best they could achieve in the end was forcing the carrier to GFI for the score as a 3DB Blitz cleared the way. Half time: 1-1 Again a good kick from the rats sent the orcs scurrying back on their short stumpy green blocky legs to their own end zone in numbers with Pootash ready to lay the smackdown on any foolish gutters. The other orcs smacked down the line and held a solid line across the field not making it easy for the rats to get behind them in numbers. The carrier and his semi cage (goblin on a corner doesn't count as a cage in my book!) moved up the left flank while a couple of line orcs dropped back to support. With a few KOs already caused, the orcs must of been overconfident as they left a possible 1DB on the carrier. The gutter runners duly made all their multiple dodge rolls... only to come up short on a go for it to hit the carrier. Head coach of the Swogglers breathed a sigh of relief and duly instructed his team to surf two Skaven in the following turn, passing up a pow result for a pushback to get the second one set up. The Rats were heavily outnumbered now and couldn't do anything much to stop the orcs advancing quickly up the field in a standard Orc grind. That didn't stop them though from targeting the poor goblin at every opportunity, but he proved a tough little bugger and soon joined the safety of a spread out cage, out of sight with the carrier. The Swogglers formed a box in one corner and screened the front of it in turn 7 to secure the score in turn 8 and it was back over to the rats to see if they could 1 turn somehow against a high strength line or get an extra turn on kick-off. Neither happened, so it was just the regulation pass for SPP and a crazy dodge through the line to hit the goblin AGAIN lol. He survived unscathed! GG Arcivampiro. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-11-28 15:57:22 Match: Arboreal Madrid (0) vs. Yakuza Hit Skwad (2) The Eternal Mighty Kagutsuchi was furious. Thwarted in the dying seconds of the first half by a triple skulls he berated the rest of the team for their foolishness and several goblins offered their fingers in yubitsume. 0-0 at the half. In the second half the tables turned. Turn 1 the catcher fumbled a catch without cover and 2 elves were injured leading to an unlucky elven collapse stuck in Kagutsuchi's tentacles. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-11-22 07:48:15 Match: Tartarus Titans BBC (2) vs. Recipe for Disaster (1) A fun game against Val - and one that was edging closer and closer to defeat. Until halflings.... happened. The DEs started well and with RRs to burn, decided to put it in early and see if they could turn over the flings on one of two drives, rather than just one drive. Just as well, really. As the flings first drive was terrifying for the DEs. With one tree rooted, they were stuck at halfway - so we put pressure on and the flings needed a whole series of POWs. One turn in particular saw three POW + AV breaks, removing two with the third fouled/KOd. Ah - we still got the ball down but fling dexterity and then a passing play and it was 1-1 (and not even an inkling of failure). Val started off the 2h with more of the same. Some more POWs and fouls and we were in a bit of a pickle. We managed to get a chain push to get the ballcarrier out of the cage, got him down, but couldn't recover a tricky bounce. But then neither could Val so I had a chance to chain push it again - and this time it scattered out into the hands of Karla, ST4 blodge. Ah - again. This required some more chain pushing to get Karla out into multiple TZs and hoped for the POW. This time we got the exact roll, POWing Karla and having a man to recover. So we had turned it around and it was almost impossible for Val to get the ball off me - and thus it proved as the DEs were very relieved to win 2-1. Thanks, Val. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-11-21 17:35:00 Match: Cognisant of the Optics (1) vs. Hornswogglers (1) Gate Seven of the Autumn 2017 Work Stream saw high attrition among the cubical fodder as the work group made heavy weather against strong headwinds. Human Resources reported a serious problem with retention and Jeremy from accounts had to access the corporate health programme in order to maintain optimum efficiency. Hornswogglers ultimately had CotO out of the bed on this project but by digging deep and resorting to left field optimisations it was possible to hold them back and stop them from capitalising on early Ramping up of their forced downsizing of the vampire team. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-11-21 15:46:59 Match: New Orc Giants (0) vs. Prysmos Knights (1) It is a time when Magic Is more powerful than Science, And only those who control the Magic, Control destiny. The Prysmos Knights set forth onto the blood bowl arena to battle the New Orc Giants. With powers of mind, a lack of strength, some shaky rolls with a hand full of double skulls and a couple of double both downs, some pure skill 'n' speed from the mighty Rekkon, a few Go For Its to boot, and despite the very cleaver but very ineffective Troll, The Prysmos Knights had powers to accomplish the greatest of deeds by the dry crusty skin of our bony arses! The crowd were expecting a blinder, and they certainly were disappointed. A waste of all rerolls by turn 4, and a lack of blood was highly disappointing, with the game trudging through the mid-field. The first half saw the orcs trying to make a break away for a late TD, but some chainpushing skills, and a lucky 2 dice POW brought down the run away blodging Orc – “Boom mother fucker! Who needs tackle” cried Cravax! The ball was surrounded and the Knights did what they did best – crowd round the ball and stall out for a 0-0 at half time. Second half, and some double skull reroll double skull, saw the Knight on the back foot from the KO. The blitzers flooded the back field, but perhaps over committing?. So, the khemri cage progressed and then grinded to nothing, with the KO’s and mighty blow failing to help break through the fat orc line. Rekon, saw his chance; thought of the glory; thought he could dodge his way to score….no way. On his arse, and the tables had turned…..would the New Orc Giants capitalise to then score? Which way would the ball go? Well, Feryl Wolfpac, fed up with his teams inability to play the game – the bashing game that is, took it upon him self to hit the black orc to the ground, push him onto the ball. The scatter that following was all or nothing, with the ball going to the perfect square for the Knights. Turn 8 for the Pyrsmos Knights, saw Rekon dodge out a takle zone, pick up the ball, and score with 2 GFIs, screaming “Hell yeah! Who needs Ag 3 baby!” A heart breaking end for New Orc Giants, with the Knights reeling from a turn 16 victory that would go down in the play books - an another Khermi special play that the mortals never expected! http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-11-21 15:21:51 Match: Edinheim Bodythieves (2) vs. the Scions of Cimmeria (1) Good to play Stompie again after a bit of a hiatus, he must be getting sick of the necro now though. Opening with 4 pows and 2 KOs looked good for the Norse Vs the newly rebought undead but there was retaliation in BHing the yheti. A neat drive resulted in a quick score after judicious inserting of dodgy guard man. Drive back down and was fortunate the glass cannon wolf regenerated his cas. Got in a predicament after leaving a 1d after some dodging on the carrier leaving super ghoul pinned against the sideline by 3 Norse. 2d blitz and uneasy 3+ dodge resulted in a score t7. Second half started with a high risk reward 1d into 1d frenzy the ulf off the pitch. Pushed forward slowly, picking off the Norse sent to mark the carrier. Tempted Stompie by leaving the carrier a bit open prompting a risky play that failed. That left lots in contact who were steadily stunned and koed as I stalled out for the win. Thanks again Stompie and promise to bring something not unliving next time! *** Rebuy notes: Lost FF post season but regained this game. Didn't lose cash. Fired zombies and replaced to 11, another 70k needed to fulfil rebuy. Earned 70k in the game so 0 delta change. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-11-21 15:13:39 Match: Hornswogglers (1) vs. Boneyard Bandits (1) A tough gruelling game for both coaches in an even match up. The Swogglers won the toss and elected to receive, thinking first drive could prove decisive if they could take enough undead of the pitch. That's about as cunning as you get to be as an Orc coach... most of the time. Instead of implementing this master plan they did a frankly awful round of blocking in turn 2 having put the AG4 thrower in range of the undead instead of elfballing with him at the back. Then the orcs turned over before forming a proper cage and it all got very messy. The undead emerged with the ball despite some heroic dodging 1db blitz work to pow the undead carrier and snaffled the ball back away again under pressure for a turn 5 score. (oh and the troll go an SI but regenned) With 3 turns to score it was all looking quite possible as the orcs went down one flank and tied up quite a few people. The undead went for the throat though threatening a sack of the carrier by breaking through the middle and forcing the thrower to make a long bomb attempt in to the semi cage the orcs had formed within scoring range. The rerolled 4+ failed though and bounced around a melee of players, giving the undead with a chance to make it 2-0 it looked like. The orcs came back up with ball though in T8, but failed the hand off to the blitzer in range of the end zone and the half ended 1-0 to the Undead. (Oh and the troll got SI'd again but regened during all this, though one of the Ghouls wasn't so fortunate...) 2nd half, saw the undead receive a touchback and it was game on again with still all to play for. The troll got injured AGAIN early on and this time failed his regen, getting badly hurt. (honestly, this guy is made of glass) Both sides played it tough like two old tired boxers going at it, carefully and methodically tetsing their opponents as play switched from one side of the field to the other. Another ghoul went out for the count with a painful serious injury, and the goblin proved surprisingly resilient to all the blocks thrown at him during the half. Eventually, with an orc threatening around the back of the undead Defence, they made a play down one flank. After much dumb slow or thinking on my part I eventually decided not to take the risky dodge 1db attempt and instead tucked up the undead advance and make them throw some blocks if they wanted to find a way through. The undead didn't have the greatest turn of blocking in response to this, leaving the orcs a slim chance with a plan so cunning it could of been dreamed up in the town of Cunningsville, CunningLand by a very cunning fox named Mr Cunning. The Orcs set up a 1db chain push on the mummy first up to chain the carrier in to range of a tackle blitzer. They then negated the assist by using the gobbo's stunty skills to dodge through and into multiple tackle zones... before making their 1DB block pow to sack the carrier. BOOM! The older Orcs in the stands told the baby orcs that this was the way the buuuutiful game was meant to be played. Though there was still some tricksy work to do the orcs dodged away with the ball on the subsequent turn and did enough to stop any serious pursuit of him, so despite the undead getting a tackle zone on the carrier at one stage, that was easily removed and the Swogglers ran in a turn 16 score. GG Wish. Shame about the ghouls, but GL next match. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-11-14 16:47:33 Match: The Rogue Traders (1) vs. Tartarus Titans BBC (2) A game of two halves, you could say. Hugo elected to receive and his merc lineman on the line of scrimmage caught the ball in pouring rain. Straight away, we are into interesting territory, especially when the ogre decided to bonehead leaving the ballcarrier in two TZs. As a result, we fashioned a hit on the ball-carrier but the ball didn't go down and we didn't reroll it. We had half chances for the next two turns where men on cagecorners had the chance to create some space for a hit, but that didn't work either. Meanwhile, Hugo was letting loose with MB and suddenly we were down to 8. It looked forlorn but then a good turn creating pressure on my own goal-line meant Hugo was safer to score (in 6). There was just about time for an equaliser - after we switched flanks on the Traders - setting us up for a 2nd half at 1-1. This was a bit of a let-down. With the first half being dominated by the humans MB players, they clearly had decided the DEs were not up to the task. Four human KOs in fairly short order meant the 11 DEs could just mope about criss-crossing the pitch and scoring in 8. There was still time for a riot, but without a RR and without a ballcarrier (and without a lot of time either thanks to my train), the humans didn't have time to do much especially with a failed pick up straight off the gate. Good game, Hugo. Cheers (and sorry we didn't have more time to socialise - you can blame Erik a bit for taking his sweet time during the game and then the lost time whilst we all watched him metaphorically cart-wheeling through the first floor of the Mason's) I'll blame him for being panicked into finishing my turns as quickly as possible against dark elves. Payback's gonna be a b*$?§ http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-11-14 16:14:07 Match: Tartarus Titans BBC (2) vs. New Forest Rangers (2) Well, what a crazy match - highly enjoyable and went more than to the wire. As Paul will witness I still haven't got a grip on these wood elves and got away with murder in this one. Yes - entertaining is one word for it. Erik started like a house on fire with plenty of POWs and AV breaks. The dark elves were on the back foot but managed to put enough pressure on for Erik to score in 6. Some ropey dice from Erik and we had equalised at the half. Then the dice turned proper ropey for Erik with three off, a treeman root and a couple of failed dodges (one with snake-eyes from a wardancer, injuring himself). It was a bit of a wreck and 2-1 was fairly comfortable. So Erik only had the one turner left. In what was now a blizzard. And the RR was used first block to get a push. Two dice (push), one dice (push), pick up and pass into 2 tackle zones (nerves of steel not needed) made it on. Still needed 4,4,3,2 dodging and three GFIs in the snow? Erik's decision to take sure feet paid off and despite a 2, he still had the wheels to score. 2-2 final in a very entertaining game. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-11-14 14:22:18 Match: Prysmos Knights (2) vs. Yakuza Hit Skwad (1) It is a time when Magic Is more powerful than Science And only those who control the Magic,Control destiny. The Prysmos Knights set forth onto the blood bowl arena to battle Yakuza Hit Skwad With powers of mind, strength, skill, 'n' speed, and an astoundingly hostile fan base that seeks to destroy the underworld Denizens chance in the game with a second half route that disgusted even the nurgle bystanders it was so filthy (bring on 6 out of 11 6's.....), we had powers to accomplish the greatest of deeds. Oh the mighty Reckon, scores another TD to gain the mighty blodge that is fitting of the lizards totem that he posses. And the power of Cravax Fears, with his 10spp, inc. the MVP and a TD to win the game by picking up the ball )oh yes, khemri have the skills, who needs a reroll But it could have been so close. Haya Ji, the camakazee death Rat, with 4Strenght, marching into the cage...6 up bang . knocks down the man the Lizard. But even the last ditch heroics could help the HIt Swad, as the Underworlds day ended in misery, whilst the Mighty Prysmos Knight powered to a grinding victory,despite the seeming lack of skill displayed in the kick off that sealaed the match. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-11-08 15:49:31 Match: Champions of Chaos (2) vs. Marshlight Blighters (1) Champions to receive, double the fans have turned out to show support. The crowd calls out for blood, destruction, disappointment but most of all CHAOS, chaos is what they crave. Star player Hakflem and bloodwiser baby are on hand to help Skaven morale. Each coach paid off the referees to turn a blind eye. Blighters kicker punts it deep. The Grotesque gets a quick casualty. Kraken-Hoof picks up the ball in the back field. The rats charge down the flanks. The Champions move up the field in a tight formation but progress is slow as Hakflem keeps darting into the cage and hitting the ball carrier. Attrition starts to set in for the rats as the Champions start to remove players. The vermin crushes easily under hoof and claw. Cuntard blitzes the kicker leaving a bloody mess, goring the corpse with his horns stopping the apo from doing his job. Hakflem is fouls off the pitch and knows better then to return. Score on turn 8. Blighters set up to do some damage only to double skull, which brings abou the end of the half. Blighters run into trouble on turn 2 of their drive. After a couple of good blocks leaves the ball carrier exposed for a blitz. The ball goes loose bouncing from player to player until it lands in Kraken-Hoof's hands. A risky dodge to foul a blitzer that could leave Blighters with only non up hill block on Kraken-Hoof fails as beastman trips. Skullsplitter BH Kraken-Hoof and the ball goes loose. Blighters try a pass play, choosing to move playing into place first only to have the gutter runner trip at the line. Turn 4 for Blighters and the pass plays out. 1-1. The Campions have 5 turns to win. The rats get a blitz and manage to catch the ball with a gutter. Gorth Goatson brings down the vermin with a 3 dice hit. He talks to me "Taurghun The Suneater the beginning is easy; continuing, hard. Push on, persevere and triumph my son the end is near." Taurghun picks up the ball and begins to make his way up field with an escort. Blighters sent there braves turn after turn to stop him. After a RR failed GFI to close the cage Snikt Poisonlash attempts to bring the Suneater down only to fail. Taurghun The Suneater scores on turn 8. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-11-07 16:03:53 Match: Hashutischoo (1) vs. Cognisant of the Optics (2) Gate six of the Autumn 2017 workstream and the C-Level decided to cascade the learning from the away day. The team were able to actualise the Aclustic business plan going forward. Both Tim and Brian acted as change agents and were able to up tempo the cadence of the entire work group. Once again the Management Stream were encouraged as all metrics were achieved across the piece. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-11-07 15:44:25 Match: Ice Breakers (1) vs. New Forest Rangers (5) A master class in tricksy wood elf play. Very well played Erik. Highlights was thrown rock that SI an Ulf and BH the Treeman at same time. Strip ball Wardancer was horrible to defend against. Norse either didn't drink enough or drank too much. Will go with not being drunk enough. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-11-07 15:08:01 Match: Yakuza Hit Skwad (1) vs. Rock Face Bears (0) Wow http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-11-07 11:49:26 Match: New Forest Rangers (2) vs. King of the Norse (2) Quite an exciting game. The Vikings won the toss and chose to kick and got the ref. Treeman took root on T1 and a quick score was required for the elves by T3. Now the norse was down to 11 men. Long grinding Norse return ending with a score in T8 with 3 key elfs in the KO bin (strip ball, guard and catcher) all came back for second half. The elf kick was near brilliant but was caught by the Yethee hilarious or disastrous depending on your point of view. An effective WD ball sack later and it was a dastardly sprint to the endzone. 2-1 to the elves. With two players in the KO in none came back. Attempts at the ball was in vain and the norse took to killing in desperation at the poor result so far. In the end it was a well deserved draw for the norse who did their worst to get rid of my key players. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-11-01 02:22:58 Match: Boneyard Bandits (1) vs. Rock Face Bears (0) An absolute battering from the undead, although CAS numbers don't show it. Relentless pows and stumbles vs an all block team left the dwarves just standing up each turn. No answer to that. http://ecbbl.talkfantasyfootball.org/ 2017-10-31 17:18:09