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Wed Feb 21 2018 8:16ECBBLPrem Spring 2018Round 2Fight With Tools (Gritter)Talabecland Titans (Bsking)16k1—1View
Wed Feb 21 2018 5:59ECBBLPrem Spring 2018Round 2SK Rapid Vermin (Al the Trowel)Frogtown Princes (Stu)21k2—1View
Tue Feb 20 2018 17:54ECBBLPrem Spring 2018Round 2Lord of the Flings (Chankas)Clawpomb Comets (Loynster)100k1—2View
Tue Feb 20 2018 16:28ECBBLPrem Spring 2018Round 2Green Bay Hackers (Tommymcg)Ugly and the Beasts (chaoshugs)180k0—2View
Tue Feb 20 2018 16:01ECBBLPrem Spring 2018Round 2Bolin's Brewers (Moogaz)Unearthed Arcana (King_Ghidra)14k0—1View
Tue Feb 20 2018 15:47ECBBLPrem Spring 2018Round 2So You're Saying I'm A Lobster? (Joemanji)Masali Sands (Alex)20k3—0View
Tue Feb 20 2018 15:14ECBBLPrem Spring 2018Round 2The Rising Stars (LukeC)Pendulous Bulls (Richy)0k2—2View
Tue Feb 20 2018 15:13ECBBLPrem Spring 2018Round 2Y Tu Mamá También (Heff)Edenore Nightclouds (whitehot)0k2—1View
Tue Feb 20 2018 14:55ECBBLPrem Spring 2018Round 2Waaghamstow Yoof Club (bartk)Guild of Initialed Tunnellers (Ooarrtracter)12k1—1View
Tue Feb 20 2018 14:55ECBBLAutumn 2017 PlayoffsSemi-finalsNew Forest Rangers (Erik)Tartarus Titans BBC (Geggster)27k0—2View
Wed Feb 14 2018 2:38ECBBLPrem Spring 2018Round 2Norsk Ironwolves (gumbi)Clawpomb Comets (Loynster)180k1—1View
Tue Feb 13 2018 16:50ECBBLPrem Spring 2018Round 2Edenore Nightclouds (whitehot)Frogtown Princes (Stu)20k1—0View
Tue Feb 13 2018 15:54ECBBLPrem Spring 2018Round 299 problems but a pitch ain't one (vmcat)One Dimension reUnited (Erik)12k2—0View
Tue Feb 13 2018 15:42ECBBLPrem Spring 2018Round 2SK Rapid Vermin (Al the Trowel)Tinseltown Sexhawks  (Mr_hayward_99)0k2—0View
Tue Feb 13 2018 15:18ECBBLPrem Spring 2018Round 2Har Ganeth Harrow (Wulfyn)World of Brian Rice (Choi Division)0k2—0View

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