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Fri Oct 20 2017 0:53ECBBLPrem Autumn 2017Round 2Bluffington High (Choi Division)Champions of Chaos (yogi)0k0—2View
Wed Oct 18 2017 14:36ECBBLPrem Autumn 2017Round 2Hashutischoo (Joemanji)Gone With The Orcs (Pablo_in_stereo)27k1—0View
Tue Oct 17 2017 14:45ECBBLPrem Autumn 2017Round 2Ice Breakers (LukeC)Masked Avengers (Stu)26k3—0View
Tue Oct 17 2017 14:35ECBBLPrem Autumn 2017Round 2Str[Ogre]and[Snot]able (Ooarrtracter)Hornswogglers (Gritter)21k1—2View
Tue Oct 17 2017 13:57ECBBLPrem Autumn 2017Round 2Recipe for Disaster (vmcat)Prysmos Knights  (Mr_hayward_99)16k0—2View
Tue Oct 10 2017 15:35ECBBLPrem Autumn 2017Round 2Champions of Chaos (yogi)New Orc Giants (Jamie)0k1—1View
Tue Oct 10 2017 15:02ECBBLPrem Autumn 2017Round 2Boneyard Bandits (WishWellingtons)Ice Breakers (LukeC)21k0—1View
Tue Oct 10 2017 14:07ECBBLPrem Autumn 2017Round 2Bluffington High (Choi Division)Str[Ogre]and[Snot]able (Ooarrtracter)21k1—0View
Wed Oct 4 2017 15:49ECBBLPrem Autumn 2017Round 2Prysmos Knights  (Mr_hayward_99)Hornswogglers (Gritter)15k1—1View
Wed Oct 4 2017 3:25ECBBLPrem Autumn 2017Round 2Cognisant of the Optics (Heff)Gone With The Orcs (Pablo_in_stereo)20k1—2View
Wed Oct 4 2017 1:38ECBBLPrem Autumn 2017Round 2Hornswogglers (Gritter)The Rogue Traders (chaoshugs)0k1—0View
Tue Oct 3 2017 23:34ECBBLPrem Autumn 2017Round 2New Forest Rangers (Erik)The Barrow Guard (FoxyBee)19k0—2View
Tue Oct 3 2017 16:34ECBBLPrem Autumn 2017Round 2Bluffington High (Choi Division)Masked Avengers (Stu)19k1—1View
Tue Oct 3 2017 16:19ECBBLPrem Autumn 2017Round 2New Orc Giants (Jamie)King of the Norse (Wulfyn)0k0—1View
Tue Oct 3 2017 16:17ECBBLPrem Autumn 2017Round 2Marshlight Blighters (Moogaz)Boneyard Bandits (WishWellingtons)14k0—2View

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